Episode 21: Grasping your Financial Needs, Step 2: Design

Join our hosts Jason L Smith and Bryan Bibbo with special guest, Dave Alison, CFP®, EA, BPC, President and Founding Partner of C2P and Alison Wealth Management, as they continue breaking down The Bucket Plan® financial planning process step by step.  

This episode covers step two of The Bucket Plan® process, known as the “Design” phase, where we analyze all your assets and how they come together to formulate your holistic plan.  

Key Topics Discussed: 

  • Overview of The Bucket Plan® Process: A recap of the previous episode on “Discovery,” phase and each step of the planning process: Discovery, Design, Deliver, Dedicated. 
  • Document Analysis: Carefully reviewing your financial documents to gain a complete understanding of your current situation. 
  • Organization: Helping you structure your financial information using our Family Estate Organizer, ensuring everything is accessible and clear to preserve your legacy.  
  • Risk Assessment: Using our proprietary Volatility Tolerance Analysis to determine your comfort level with risk across different time horizons. 
  • Asset Categorization: Introducing you to our Bucket Plan philosophy, showing you how to categorize your assets for Now, Soon, and Later needs. 
  • Investment Education: Guiding you through our Pyramid of Risk, helping you understand various investment types and reflect on your past experiences. 
  • Visual Planning: Creating a personalized sketch of your Bucket Plan, giving you a clear visual representation of your financial strategy. 

Discover how our Design phase creates the blueprint for your customized holistic plan and sets the stage for the next phase of the process.